Helsingin Kumi Oy

An expert at your service

Helsingin Kumi Oy, founded on 1951, provides solutions to needs and questions with technical rubber. Our main products are rubber sheetings, rubber carpets and extruded products manufactured specially for us. Due to this our products are priced very competitively. We give short delivery time to all our rubber products from the widest selection in Finland.

Fabricated and completed products to all industrial needs

Our workshop customizes rubber products according to the specific needs of various customers.

Tailor made products serve a wide range of customers; construction-, engineering-, shipbuilding-, automotive- and food industry in the EU and European area.

This catalogue gives guidelines and is compiled to help our customers to choose the adequate product. As individual conditions influence the application of each product, the information in this catalogue can only be used as a rough guideline and should not be used as the sole basis when choosing a product. In every case it is purely the customerīs responsibility to evaluate his individual requirements, especially if the specified properties of our products seem to be sufficient for the intended use. When intending to use our products in demanding conditions (e.g. heat, exposure to chemicals), do not hesitate to contact us.

All the information and data in this catalogue correspond to standards based on long term tests and trials. We cannot guarantee the information and data to apply in any individual case, particularly when we have no influence concerning the application and individual use. The use of our products is at the userīs own risk. Naturally we guarantee the quality of our products according to our general sales conditions, available at request.

We keep the information and data in this catalogue updated, in order to give you the best possible knowledge of our products. All given information is subject to alteration without prior notice.